The right web hosting can make a huge difference to the success of your business.

When you sign up with a cheap web hosting provider you really do get what you pay for. You will need to set everything up yourself with the help of an automated email which will direct you to a control panel and provide a link to a support knowledgebase should you get stuck.
If you are lucky you might get to contact an offshore call centre but often they won’t provide phone support at all, and you will be on your own. The performance of the server will be probably be poor, while they try and profit by having too many clients sharing the same space, most likely on a server which is located somewhere overseas.

We do things a differently because we want to offer you a complete service.

When you sign up for web hosting, we provide assistance every step if you require it.

We will help you set up databases, email addresses, and configure your domain name – we can even help you with registering a domain name. If you need to move or migrate your website from another provider, can help make it as painless as possible, and work with you to do it in a way that minimises any impact to you.

Want some help with Website Hosting – contact us.