Vee Bee Global specialises in being at the forefront of sustainable web design technologies.

Across the internet there is a bombardment of new tricks, gimmicks, and ways of building websites or attracting website traffic. Some of these may give you short term benefits, but this may come at a detriment down the track.

There is one trick which is sustainable, and will always remain so – that is to start by doing the basics well, before ‘new tricks’, and do the ongoing maintenance and optimising required to keep your website ahead of your competitors.
From time to time there will be technology advancements, or changes in how Search Engine Rankings work, and you need to be teamed with the right professionals to ensure you make use of those changes that best benefit you.

Vee Bee Global believes that you need a web partner, who can guide you in your endeavors, and we ensure we are at the forefront of web technology so you don’t need to be.

We offer the following comprehensive services:

Website Design and Development

Our core business is traditionally website design and development.

We have built numerous websites from simple single page sites, to highly integrated websites with over 100,000 pages of content. We are very excited by the future of web design which now encompasses both PC and Mobile Technology. Whether you need a brand new website, or a rebuild of your current site, we can assist you.

uConnect – endless social networking

Interact with website visitors like never before.

Use the power of the internet to build an online community around your brand or niche topic. Use the latest technology to create connections, strengthen bonds, and collect more information than ever before.

Reinvent how you connect…

Venture Partnerships

When the right project comes along, instead of investing direct capital funds, we can work with you in a mutually beneficial arrangement which will see your website developed at a minimal or zero up front cost.

For this we would look for a stake equitable to the services we provide in initially getting the web project set up, plus the ongoing time we will need to spend to do further stages, or ongoing tasks like maintenance, support and training.

We only do a limited number of these ventures at any one time.

Website Consultancy

Whether you just need advice, or occasional advanced technical support.

We can audit your website and offer advice to make it achieve your goals, or we can offer suggestions based on your needs. If you are struggling to achieve something a little more complicated on your website, and need some guidance – we can complete the task for you, step you through the process explaining how it works, or we can explain how you can do it with your level of knowledge.


Do you need reliable hosting, or have a custom requirement for your website?

Whatever your requirement may be, we have cost effective, efficient solutions that we can offer, for both shared and dedicated hosting.

Domain Names

Are you starting out your website project, or want to secure a domain name to get a competitive advantage?
We can facilitate the registration of your domain names at near wholesale pricing levels.

Email Marketing Solutions

Keeping in regular contact with your mailing list is a most powerful mechanism. It keeps you in the minds of your clients, and is a great way to let them know about specific industry news, or periodic specials.

We can set you up with an Email Solution which allows you to keep in control of your mailing list, and also send email out in a branded template format. Our solution also provides statistics of how many messages were sent, how many were opened, etc.
Whether you want to do the editing and sending of your own email outs, or want a fully managed solution, we can offer something to satisfy your requirements.

Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing

Now becoming a mandatory part of owning a website, optimising it and marketing it to your target market is very important.

We take into consideration the imperative parts of SEO when building any website, but you also need an ongoing strategy to ensure you continue increasing website visitors, and marketing to your target market in the most cost effective ways possible.

Don’t be conned into thinking there is a magic way of achieving overnight success. Any good professional knows that it is sustained, ongoing work that will ensure you climb the search rankings, and maintain a position there.

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